Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The New Meat

Once again, I should apologize to those who had been reading faithfullly. As always, there's been lots on my mind. I've just been writing about it less and less, and this is a bad habit I want to change.

My last post was 11 months ago, when I was in a bad situation. Not long after that I realized that it was the situation that sucked, so I got out of it and found happiness almost right away. Almost overnight I went from feeling like I might be a lousy teacher to feeling like a rock star.

And in that vein, I almost feel like I've got groupies already. New job, new school, and I've gotten more than my fair share of attention since I arrived. One of the women on my team here introduced herself by saying "It's good to see some testosterone here."

Thanks for the warm welcome.

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